Little Joe's Hollywood
For more than 100 years, since Hollywood has been ...well, Hollywood, every stylist who has ever given a haircut to a Hollywood Celebrity has pledged, promised, threatened and vowed to publish every detail in a book. Guess how many books have been written to date.  The answer is ONE!

The book is appropriately called CONFESSIONS...
of a HOLLYWOOD HAIRSTYLIST.  The author is
Little Joe Micale, Hairstylist to the Stars.

Interestingly, Little Joe has enjoyed a dual career
as a notable writer and newspaper columnist!

The two combine to bring you the inside story
of the Hollywood you remember so well,
and the Hollywood you never knew!
"'s the Hollywood you remember so well, and it's the Hollywood you never knew!"
...Snowbird Journal
Here is your chance to have a
First Edition copy of "Confessions
of a Hollywood Hairstylist" with
a personalized authograph to you
by author, Little Joe Micale!

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